1.3 million pawn shop rip off planned by Florida’s man

1.3 million pawn shop rip off planned by Florida’s man


LAKE WORTH, PALM BEACH COUNTY. A Lake Worth man dealt with a $1.3 million pawn extortion that associated Arizona with New York and South Florida.

Presently, 61-year-old Scott Meyrowitz will pay for his plan with a brief period, three years in jail, after he conceded to wire fraud and was condemned in Fort Lauderdale government court Wednesday. Meyrowitz likewise owes $1.8 million in compensation — $1.25 million to the Scottsdale pawn shop proprietor and $567,400 to a New York precious stone distributer

As in a heart-formed diamond, blue, 4.05 carats. Meyrowitz’s confirmation of actualities in court records state the proprietor, who isn’t named, purchased the jewel for $1.3 million since his business has some expertise in the top of the line precious stones, especially those of shading.

In January 2015, the New York distributer sent the diamond to Meyrowitz and his organization SSB International by means of Brinks, ”just for inspection by planned buyers, upon the express condition that the Diamond will remain the property of the Owner.” Instead, Meyrowitz got a friend from Minneapolis, “J.G.,” to join him in Scottsdale and pose as the diamond’s owner. A high-end jewelry pawn broker in Scottsdale agreed to loan J.G. $1 million for the diamond.

The pawn dealer saw that the diamond’s Gemological Institute of America certificate — which tells a jewel’s weight, evaluation of cut, color, and lucidity — was a duplicate. Meyrowitz rapidly got another GIA testament for $747.

The pawn representative proceeded with the arrangement and wired $1 million to J.G’s. Wells Fargo account on March 3, 2015. J.G. swung $955,000 to SSB International’s account.

That November, the pawn agent consented to unmitigated purchase the diamond and give Meyrowitz 25 percent of the benefits from any future deal. In this way, another $250,000 went to J.G., who place $225,000 in SSB’s record.

In the interim, court archives state, Meyrowitz kept the New York-based real proprietor under control “by making a progression of false claims, including that a purchaser had been found yet additional time was essential; that there was no purchaser; and the Diamond would be on route to the Owner in no time; that transporting the Diamond had fizzled for different reasons.”

FBI agents trapped Meyrowitz in September 2018.


Via: Miami Herald
February 26, 2019