Transit workers accused and fired over timecards fraud

Transit workers accused and fired over timecards fraud

Broward transport director made timecard changes for a subordinate, giving him over three weeks of additional compensation over a two-year term, authorities said. Both were fired Wednesday.

While a region auditor’s report in December substantiated claims in an unknown grievance against the two, the area held on to make a move until it did its very own human resources examination.

The district fired Transit Superintendent Jeffrey Scott and transport traffic controller Clifford Combs. Human Resources Director David Kahn said a survey of Combs’ timecards with changes made by Scott indicated over 120 hours of unaccounted time. That is generally $4,000 in additional compensation.

Scott and Combs did not return telephone calls looking for input Thursday. They have 10 business days to challenge their terminations, Kahn said.

A third representative referenced by evaluators, transport controller Nathaniel Sweeting, got a “letter of performance expectations.” Kahn said Sweeting had not pursued the best possible approach for checking in, yet authorities could represent his essence at all the occasions showed on his timecards.

In the December report, County Auditor Bob Melton archived 19 events in a three-month time frame where Scott both marked in and marked out for representatives with no other proof that the specialists were at work.

Scott was elevated to travel administrator in 2013 after about being terminated the earlier year for sharing explicitly unequivocal joke messages and recordings. He likewise got a “last shot cautioning” that said he would be terminated for any episodes of a comparable sort or for demonstrating poor judgment, poor co-worker contact or poor communications. Scott, who got a $70,000 pay in the wake of being advanced in 2013, was making $93,359 every year.


Via: Sun Sentinel News
February 14, 2019