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Dominican republic

Ofrecemos servicios migratorios hacia la República Dominicana. Conoce mas de nuestros servicios.

Becoming a resident of the Dominican Republic is a two step process. The Residence Visa is the first step in obtaining legal status in the Dominican Republic. The visa is single entry and has a validity of up to 60 days

The provisional renewal must be done yearly for 4 years. The new law required legal documents issued by a Lawyer in the Dominican Republic. Let us take care of this process on your behalf, only one trip is needed to immigration!

The Dominican Republic made changes to their laws which pertain to applying for permanent residency. They have changed the provisional residency period from one year to five years. What this means is that you must renew provisional residency four times (for a total of five years) before you are able to apply for permanent residency

The best way to stay in the Dominican Republic is to get naturalized and become a citizen. Let us be your guide to making this a reality. We can guide you from the first to the last step. 

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