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The Diversity Visa Lottery Program

Who Qualifies for a Diversity Visa? The U.S. State Department offers visa applicants from countries with low numbers of immigrants to the U.S. can apply to receive a Diversity Visa. Every year 50,000 applicants receive a Diversity Visa (DV.) Section…

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Trump Immigration Reform Efforts

It's not untrue to say that Donald Trump has had a 'busy' presidency -- the Twitterer-in-Chief has been as active on social media as he has been with executive orders. But many of those orders have been met with litigation and currently…

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Do I Need a Lawyer for Naturalization?

Naturalization describes the process by which people not born in the United States or to U.S.-citizen parents can become citizens themselves, a process that can be long, extensive, and complicated. Given the language barrier, the numerous necessary documents, and the unfamiliarity with…

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